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When you head outdoors tonight, take Sky & Telescope's podcast with you for a guided tour to the night sky. Learn what constellations are visible, find out where and when you'll see the planets, and catch each month's celestial highlights, from meteor showers to eclipses.
  1. New observations of galaxies in a universe just 800 million years old show that they’ve already settled into rotating disks. They must have evolved quickly to display such surprising maturity. Our cosmos was a messy youngster. Hotter and denser than the universe we live in now, it was home to turbulent gas flinging about under the influence of gravity. Theorists think the earliest galaxies built up gradually, first clump by […]

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  2. Astrobiology students cultivated leafy greens, sweet potatoes, and even hops in simulated Martian dirt.

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  3. Astronomers presenting at the winter American Astronomical Society meeting caution that the features often pointed to as evidence of growing natal planets could form on their own.

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  4. An unassuming amateur astronomer forever linked to one of the greatest comets in modern history has passed away.

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  5. A repeating fast radio burst first detected in 2012 likely formed within a potent magnetic field — opening up the ambiguity of what caused the mysterious burst.

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  6. Iron-rich stars host planets on closer orbits than their iron-poor siblings, astronomers find. The results could help reveal how planets form.

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  7. A new study found more massive stars than expected in an intensely star-forming region. The results beg the question whether the process of star formation really is universal.

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  8. A few weeks ago, Astrobites reported on a Neptune-sized planet discovered orbiting a star in the Hyades cluster. A separate study submitted at the same time, however, reveals that there may be even more planets lurking in this system.

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  9. A new theory of the solar system’s formation suggests that it formed within the shell of a wind-blown bubble surrounding a dead star.

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  10. New data on Boyajian's Star show that dust — not an alien megastructure — is probably the cause of this star's mysterious behavior.

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